800mm (Small) Quadrant Shower Enclosures: a UK Product Guide

Published: 02nd October 2009
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Quadrant Shower Enclosures are a type of shower that seems to be appearing more frequently in bathrooms across the UK. Although a fairly recent style of shower enclosure, the Quadrant Shower has a number of variations in size and style, and for those wishing to purchase one, there is a quadrant shower available to suit your taste and budget. This guide is designed to provide a brief guide to small quadrant shower products (namely, in the smallest 800mm size) which are available in the UK, by type and manufacturer.

So briefly, what are some of the main benefits of a Small Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

There are several reasons people choose to buy a small Quadrant Shower. When space is an issue, small Quadrant Showers cover less floor space in a bathroom than many other shower enclosures, but still gives the impression of a spacious showering experience.

Quadrant Showers also utilise corner space, which can be very helpful when working with a small bathroom. Another reason is the shape of the quadrant - it's curvaceous and minimalistic, and the curve of the quadrant makes it easier to clean than other types of shower enclosures. Last but not least, as the doors slide across, rather than swinging out, the quadrant shower needs less space, and the design eliminates drips and leaks in the bathroom. In summary, many people find that a small quadrant is a worthwhile purchase: it's a quality; minimalist and versatile shower enclosure, which looks good and is easy to maintain.

Below are some quadrant shower products, by three different UK-based manufacturers, in 800mm, the smallest size. All of these are available in the UK from online bathroom stores:

800 Quadrant Shower Enclosures

April Bathroom Products has two quadrants available in their 800mm range, from its Identiti 2 (mid range) and Prestige 2 (premium range) collections.

The April Identiti 2 800mm Double Door Quadrant is available in either white or polished silver. This enclosure has an adjustment of 765mm - 790mm for uneven walls. The New April Quadrant has 6mm thick toughened clear safety glass, and protected with "Clean&Clear" glass treatment, which creates a non-stick surface, resists lime scale and bacteria and assists with maintenance and cleaning.

April also include quick release doors on all of its doors enabling the bottom of the door to unclip and swing away from the frame or runners (which, again, makes it even easier to manoeuvre and clean!). They are also power shower compatible, and for total peace of mind have a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

The Prestige 2 800mm Double Door Quadrant is April's premium range enclosure, which is available in polished silver, has a 760mm - 800mm adjustment and extra thick clear 8mm toughened safety glass. Similar to the Identiti 2 range, this quadrant shower has the "Clean&Clear" glass treatment, quick release doors, power shower compatibility and a lifetime warranty. As a feature of the April Prestige 2 range, this quadrant benefits from profile covers and concealed fixings, providing a sleeker-looking shower. Because of its advanced features and fittings, this Prestige 2 quadrant shower can also be integrated into a wet room.

Manhattan Showering Solutions has two mid range Quadrant Shower products available in an 800mm size: the Quadrant Uno (single door), and Quadrant Duo (double door).

The 800mm Manhattan Quadrant Uno is a quality, sturdy, single door quadrant measuring 800mm x 800mm. These quadrants come with "click 'n' clean" system (similar to the April quick release doors, above). The "click 'n' clean" system means that its doors have spring-loaded, front operated bottom guides, which when pressed, release the bottom of the door so that it swings inward, making it easier to fit, maintain and keep clean.

The Quadrant Uno comes in the option of white or chrome doorframe, both with clear glass. It also features smooth running doors, which slide across from the middle of the enclosure. The quadrant doors measure 1830mm high (excluding tray) and are available in a right hand or left hand option. A bespoke tray is required with this quadrant, and the doors come with a 10 year warranty. When combined with a Duralite tray, the 10 year warranty then becomes a Manhattan Lifetime Combination guarantee. The Quadrant Uno is also available in 900mm x 900mm.

Manhattan's Quadrant Duo door in 800mm x 800mm, as its name suggests, is a double door enclosure. The Quadrant Duo has many of the same features as the Uno, including the "click 'n' clean" system, smooth running doors, chrome/white frame and clear glass, right hand and left hand options, and 10 year warranty which also becomes a lifetime combination guarantee when combined with a Duralite Tray. The Quadrant Duo comes in a number of sizes, including 900 x 900 and offset 900 x 800, 1200 x 800 and 1200 x 900. The Quadrant Duo is designed to suit most quadrant trays with a radius of 550mm.

London Water Closet Company (LWCC) also has an 800 x 800 Quadrant in its 'Waterfall' collection. The LWCC Waterfall 800mm Quadrant Door is a popular, affordable quadrant shower with 6mm chrome framed glass door and frame, which conforms to British Safety Standards. The radius of this quadrant shower door measures 550mm. The Waterfall Quadrant also comes in 900mm x 900mm, offset 1200 x 800mm and 1200 x 900mm. This cost effective and exceptionally well-manufactured LWCC quadrant shower comes with a 10 year warranty.

All three manufacturers above supply bathroom retailers online, such as BathroomTrade (.co.uk).
The smaller, 800mm Quadrant Shower enclosures suit most bathroom sizes and is ideal for all tastes and bathroom layouts.

I hope this comprehensive guide to 800 Quadrant Shower enclosures has given you enough information to begin your search, and secondly, pointed you in the direction of UK's best quadrant shower manufacturers and suppliers. If you're after any further information, BathroomTrade has trained experts available on a UK freecall number (0870 043 0207) who can advise on quadrant shower enclosures or any other bathroom product you're interested in!

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